Grupo Jumex owns four Filler Specialties systems

Grupo Jumex in Mexico City runs four Filler Specialties filling and capping systems,   including two AWFS-5427 multi-flavor systems, both with foil press, conduction heating sealing system, and lane diverter with auto-sync technology.  Other models include the AWFS-36-18-12 with twin capping turrets, and GWFS-24-8-8 with twin capping turrets including foil heat sealing system and pick and place capper turret.  All machines include ultra clean enclosures with HEPA filtration, cap sanitizing systems, extended shelf life (ESL) Clean-In-Place filling valves, CIP hardware with Sani-Flex, Siemens controls package, and more.

Grupo Jumex, Mexico City, Mexico