Extended Shelf Life (ESL) filling and capping

Filler Specialties has system approach solutions for extended shelf life (ESL) bottle filling applications. We offer the following upgrades to improve overall cleanliness and sanitation.

Ultra-clean machine enclosures

  • Class 100
  • Modular HEPA units
  • Variable speed fan units to fine-tune air flow
  • Extensive use of stainless steel with sanitary design
  • Hinged entry doors with electrical interlocks
  • Effective interior lighting

Ultra-clean machine enclosure with HEPA - Extended Shelf Life (ESL) - Filler Specialties

ESL filling valves

  • Patented and proven design
  • No slip joints for improved sanitation and cleanability
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) without daily removal

ESL (Extended Shelf Life), CIP (Clean-In-Place) Filling Valves

Bottle rinsers and bottle sanitizers

  • Rotary systems
  • Single or dual turret for effective cycle times

Bottle rinsers & bottle sanitizers - Filler Specialties

Cap rinsers and cap sanitizers

  • Ultraviolet cap chutes
  • Chemical rinse cap chutes

Cap rinsers & cap sanitizers - Extended Shelf Life (ESL) - Filler Specialties