Features: Used – Available February 2023

  • External Mount Valves (EMV)
  • Setup for the SCII cap with vertical pull tab
  • Cap sorting and feeding equipment
  • Product level control for the filler bowl
  • Missing cap detection in the cap chute
  • Manual raise/lower for the bowl and capper columns
  • This machine is available, and can be provided with a 1yr mechanical warranty

This machine will be ready to produce as is, and can also be configured to run different or additional containers, and cap sizes.

This machine can also be re-configured to a Screw Capping Turret, or Pick and Place capper with a shortened lead time vs. brand new. This filler is capable of running up to 70 gallons per minute, and up to 120 half pint containers per minute. Contact us at 616-772-9235 or filler@filler-specialties.com  for more information.

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