Machine Features: Extended Shelf Life

ESL (extended shelf life), CIP
(clean-in-place) filling valves

Field-proven and featuring patented design, Filler Specialties ESL valves can be cleaned in place, saving valuable time and improving cleanliness. Commonly used for dairy, juice, and pharmaceutical/nutraceutical filling applications, Filler Specialties ESL valves have become the valve of choice.

  • No slip joints for improved sanitation and cleanability
  • Clean in place (CIP) without daily removal
  • Incorporate field-proven sanitary fittings
  • Externally mounted via single fitting
  • Double or single diaphragm configurations available
  • Can be used for hot fill applications

Automated Cleaning and Washdown

Filler Specialties machines can include automatic cleaning cycles to enhance the filling environment, while eliminating human interference. This is accomplished using rotary jet nozzles, atomizers, and spray balls.

Sanitizing solutions can be collected, returned to mixing tanks, and repurposed to reduce the overall operating cost

  • Segmented cycles
  •  Programable with onboard HMI
  • Polished stainless tubing
  • Automatic bottle brake to infeed screw
  • Cleanroom HEPA filtration .03 micron

Cap Handling and Sanitation

Cap handling is essential to improving shelf life of products. Filler Specialties manufactures clean line cap feeding, sorting, and cap application.

Also available on all Filler Specialties models would be Ultra Violet sanitation, atomizing solutions, or a combination of both

  • Clean Line hygienic cap feeder belt with stainless steel hopper
  • Open channel cap delivery system
  • Stainless steel design
  • All capper spindle types are lube free in design

CIP Sanitization

Prior to production runs CIP sanitization takes place. This process sanitizes the filling bowl inside and out, fill valves, and valve components.

Segmented CIP rings are set in place, and provide a combination of heat, volume, and pressure to efficiently sanitize. CIP solution can be recovered, and reused.

  • Stainless steel segmented rings
  • Silicone CIP diaphragms
  • Safety switch for when CIP rings are in place
  • 3A approved design for dairy applications