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Standalone bottle filler - Filler Specialties
Standalone bottle fillers
Filler Specialties has a full line of standalone liquid packaging equipment that includes rotary stainless steel bottle filling machines. Models range from six valve to 72 valve machines for speeds from 10 bottles per minute to 700 bottles per minute.  Gravity or pressure gravity filling methods are available, ensuring that Filler Specialties provides you with the best solution.

  • Gravity filling for free flowing non-carbonated liquids, hot or cold
  • Pressure gravity filling for more viscous products, hot or cold
  • Speeds from 10–700 bottles per minute
  • Plastic and glass containers from 2 oz/60 ml to 2-½ gallon/10 litre
  • Bottle neck support systems for lightweight bottles available
  • EMV external mount filling valves are standard
  • Extended Shelf Life (ESL) Clean-In-Place (CIP) filling valves and related hardware optional
  • Machine safety and ultra-clean controlled environment enclosures available
  • Customized systems to meet your project requirements


Standalone capping turret - Filler Specialties
Standalone bottle cappers
Filler Specialties offers a full line of standalone rotary bottle cappers for handling screw caps, press-on caps, snap/screw caps, flat caps, sport caps, foil caps and specialty closures. Models range from three head to 30 head units to meet your capping requirements with speeds up to 700 bottles per minute.

Mechanically driven pick and place (cap in head) cappers

  • Efficient capping at high speeds even with difficult cap/bottle combinations
  • Articulating and non-articulating gripper heads
  • Variable speed spindles/heads
  • Bottle neck support with quick-change hardware available

FH-917 cappers

  • Versatility to run flat screw caps, sport caps, press-on caps, or snap/screw caps
  • Bottles remain on same plane; capping heads cam down to engage with caps for efficient application
  • Stainless steel magnetic heads with adjustable torque
  • Bottle neck support with quick change hardware available
  • Stainless steel gripper heads featuring tool-less quick change design

Conventional screw capping machines

  • Versatility to run screw caps, snap caps, and snap/screw caps
  • Capping heads remain on same plane; bottles cam up to engage caps with gripper heads
  • Stainless steel magnetic heads; torque adjustable
  • Stainless steel gripper heads; tool-less quick change design
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